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Meet the Characters of Christmas this December

November 29, 2020

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After a year overshadowed by sickness, disruption and uncertainty, this winter may well be remembered by a generation as one of the hardest. Yet, as Christmas comes closer, we’re reminded of the greatest hope we have.

Advent refers to the coming of the promised one. In the Bible, God promised that his Messiah would bring ‘good news of great joy’.

He would come to deal with all the wrongs suffered by humanity: curses, sadnesses, evils, sins, diseases and death.

Jesus walked this earth proving he had the power of God to fulfil God’s promise. He performed miracles of healing: he calmed raging storms and he even raised the dead.

This is evidence that we can trust his word when he talked about his second advent or coming. That will be an advent to bring people like you and me into the house of the Father (God).

What a hope!

Meanwhile, during December, we will be discovering more about the characters of the Messiah’s first coming and the encouraging truths we can learn from them.

Every five days, a living picture of characters from the first Christmas will be revealed on our huge Advent Calendar, displayed in the windows at the Hub.
You can watch a short video about each by visiting or on our YouTube channel @cstonekingston.
Or follow along via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Here are the dates we will be revealing the video of each new character:

Tuesday 1st December – Wise Men
Saturday 5th December – Shepherds
Thursday 10th December – Mary
Tuesday 15th December – Herod
Sunday 20th December – Jesus

Pete Woodcock
Pastor of Cornerstone Church Kingston