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Each year in February we take five days out of watching and listening to secular media. This means turning off the TV, radio, computer games, and all social media. Instead, we replace the time with Bible reading, prayer and other Christian literature or podcasts.

There is also plenty opportunity to spend time with other church members. Meet at breakfast, lunch or dinner to chat, read and pray together. In 2023, our Media Fast Bible readings will focus on Psalms 120-150.

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Introduction to Psalms 120-134

The songs of ascent (Psalm 120-134) are songs for the road. When God’s people were travelling to Jerusalem for a festival, they would sing these songs as they travelled. They are songs full of longing, expectation and hope. However, they also recognise the difficulty of life on the road – the people are not yet home. As followers of Jesus, we are also on a journey to the New Jerusalem, we go through difficulties and battle our sins as we travel, but our faces are fixed on the future. Soon we will be home, with Jesus, forever.

Pick a few questions to discuss: How does this psalm describe life as a Christian in this world? What difficulties are mentioned? What promises can we cling to? How does this psalm point us to Jesus?

Introduction to Psalms 135-150

The final collection of Psalms (135-150) contain a mixture of laments and songs of celebration. The whole of creation and all of God’s global people are summoned to praise the Lord. He has performed mighty works in creation and in redemption. He has defeated all of his enemies. And his anointed King, Jesus Christ, will reign forever and ever. The sadness, sorrows and struggles of life in this world are still a reality in these Psalms, but they will give way to jubilant praise!

Pick a few questions to discuss: What aspect of the Lord’s nature or work is celebrated here? How is that fulfilled in Jesus? If the Psalm is a lament, what sorrows are being poured out? How does this help us pray?

Prayer Points

Trinity Church, Minsk

  • Pray for the two seminary students placed with us. They have begun to preach and we’re thankful for their ministry and service. Give thanks for a young person ‘Y’, who came to Christ recently. Young people continue to show an interest in God’s word!
  • We are experiencing a constant churn. There is a non-stop flow of people coming and going and it’s hard to build lasting community. Please pray for our people, that the Lord would look after the physical and mental wellbeing of his children.

Rob & Hannah Newham, Becontree Church

  • Praise God for six people who have arrived and stuck with us as a Church family. Pray for more 1 to 1s to give those who are new believers a firm foundation in Jesus.
  • We’re nearing the final stages of purchasing our building. Praise God for his provision up to this point. Pray that our venue would be a great gospel resource now and for generations to come.


  • For more volunteers for both primary and secondary Bible clubs. There are still opportunities in our schools – Praise God – but we need more volunteers to make the most of these open doors!
  • For God to be preparing the heart of the person who will join the team next and to be making any necessary changes clear and smooth.

Mustard Seeds

  • Pray for our ongoing translation work, especially for new projects in Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish. Pray that our partners will be faithful to The Bible and sensitive to their cultural contexts.
  • Give thanks that the training diary has suddenly filled up for 2023 with opportunities in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and several events across Italy planned before June.

FIEC & Co-Mission

  • Please pray for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. Give thanks for this national network of 639 churches preaching the gospel in a huge variety of contexts. Pray that the Lord would bless the network and save the lost through the work of FIEC churches.
  • Give thanks for Co-Mission. Pray for our cluster churches, King’s Church, Walton and St. Michael’s Fulwell. Give thanks for our local partnership in the gospel and pray that the Lord would bless Co-Mission as it seeks to plant and strengthen gospel churches in London.

Recommended Videos

Tea with the King

16 Episodes of short, half an hour services suitable for the whole family to enjoy together. Tom and Saffron are warm hosts with singing, a short interview with each speaker and a 10 minute sermon.

Watch more episodes here

Recommended Books

12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You (Tony Reinke)

Tony Reinke identifies twelve potent ways our smartphones have changed us — for good and bad. Reinke calls us to cultivate wise thinking and healthy habits in the digital age, encouraging us to maximize the many blessings, to avoid the various pitfalls, and to wisely wield the most powerful gadget of human connection ever unleashed. Order the Kindle edition or paperback from Amazon or audiobook on Audible.

The Air We Breathe (Glen Scrivener)

For all believers and sceptics too. The Air We Breathe looks at Christianity’s roots in Western ideals. Discover how faith informed the morality of the western world. Buy the ebook from The Good Book or audiobook on Audible.

Psalms For You (Christopher Ash)

Christopher Ash shows us how to read and apply the book of Psalms. He takes us through 15 pairs of psalms that represent various ‘types’—including some that are very familiar and some that are often ignored. He helps us to see how they are fulfilled by Jesus and therefore point to Jesus first and foremost, transforming how we read them, enjoy them and sing them. Buy the ebook from The Good Book.

Media Fast for Kids

Download a PDF of recommended Christian media for kids to enjoy during the media fast.

Recommended Music

For Kids: The Gospel Coalition have a set Sunday Morning Songs For Kids playlist available on Spotify or Apple Music.

For Everyone: We also have a set playlist available on Spotify for our 2023 Media Fast based on Psalms 120-150.

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