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Media Fast

Each year in February we take five days out of watching and listening to secular media. This means turning off the TV, radio, computer games, and all social media. Instead, we replace the time with Bible reading, prayer and other Christian literature or podcasts.

There is also plenty opportunity to spend time with other church members. Meet at breakfast, lunch or dinner to chat, read and pray together. In 2024, our Media Fast Bible readings will focus on Ruth and Judges.

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Introduction to Judges and Ruth

Watch this video for a useful summary of the book of Judges from the Bible Society.

Choose a few questions to discuss:

1) Where are God’s people in the cycle: sin, oppression, crying out for help, deliverance, or peace?

2) Describe the nature of Israel’s rebellion. What’s it like? What are they doing? How might this look in our day?

3) How do we see God preparing to deliver and/or delivering his people? What aspects of his gracious character shine in the darkness?

4) Who are the judge/s we meet in today’s chapters? What are they like? What (if anything) is commendable about their leadership? Do they fail to be the ultimate leader God’s people need, if so how?

5) How do these chapters reveal our need for Jesus Christ? Do they point to:

  • His perfect obedience?
  • The quality of his leadership?
  • The sins he bore for us on the cross?
  • Something else?

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Recommended Videos

Corona Chronicles: The Lord’s Prayer

8 Episodes of short podcasts, under 10-minutes each and suitable for the whole family to enjoy together. Pete and Tom unpack each line of the Lord’s Prayer, as written in Matthew 6, and explore how it teaches us to pray.

Watch more episodes here

Recommended Books

The Air We Breathe (Glen Scrivener)

For all believers and sceptics too. The Air We Breathe looks at Christianity’s roots in Western ideals. Discover how faith informed the morality of the western world. Buy the ebook from The Good Book or audiobook on Audible.

The Glory Of Grace (Lewis Allen & Tim Chester)

The convictions of the Puritans resulted in a brave and joyful faith, and the writing they have left us on the Christian life continues to be a rich resource for our own discipleship. The Glory of Grace introduces readers to people who had a deep love for Jesus Christ and a great vision for the Christian life. Order the paperback from Amazon.

Truth On Fire (Adam Ramsey)

Adam Ramsey invites us to engage both our minds and our emotions in our walk with God as we gaze at him until our hearts sing. If you yearn for God but desire a clearer biblical picture of this God whom you love, or if you have been walking with God for a while now, but your experience of him has become settled or dry, then this book is for you. Buy the ebook from The Good Book or audiobook on Audible.

Media Fast for Kids

Download a PDF of recommended Christian media for kids to enjoy during the media fast.

Recommended Music

For Kids: The Gospel Coalition have a set Sunday Morning Songs For Kids playlist available on Spotify or Apple Music.

For Everyone: Listen to our curated playlist for the 2024 Media Fast based on the themes of Judges and Ruth. You can also listen back to the Revive 2023 playlist which features many of the songs we sing at Cornerstone.

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