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What’s it like joining Cornerstone Church as an international?

January 28, 2024

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“My family and I have been attending Cornerstone Church for over a year now,” says Vivien, who was interviewed at a recent Sunday lunch for people with non-British backgrounds. “We are thankful that God has led us here.” 

She explains more about how she discovered Cornerstone and what her time here has been like…

“We initially discovered the church because of a song named ‘Cornerstone.’ We searched for churches around Kingston and this one caught our eye. The website indicated a service at Tiffin Boys School, which is near our home. But because we were busy finding our feet in Kingston, we didn’t immediately attend. However, the presence of a bar in town, also named ‘Cornerstone’, kept reminding us about the church. Eventually, we decided to attend a service.

“We discovered that Cornerstone is an international church, embracing diversity and welcoming people from all walks of life. Every season, the church hosts numerous activities for families and children. It’s amazing to see everyone contributing to support these programs. 

“We’ve participated in events such as International Lunch, Guess Who’s lunch (where guests and hosts are allocated to each other), Bible study, and the Away Day. We’ve had a great time meeting people from around the world; all the brothers and sisters are kind and helpful. Engaging in the church has been truly encouraging for us.

“Through the sermons, we have gained a deeper understanding of the Bible. Through our interactions with fellow brothers and sisters, we’ve witnessed the love of Jesus. Cornerstone Church has become a place where we build our faith and trust in God.

“Thank you for allowing us to share our experience with you. We look forward to seeing you in church.”