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The Value of Human Life?

August 29, 2014

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Going by the world’s standards of how we treat each other, you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking: Human life is cheap.

But, why are acts of violation, abuse, violence, oppression, from one human being toward another actually wrong? Is it only because it is illegal?

Our consciences scream at us day-in and day-out, but do we ever question where it comes from?

The truth that we are missing is that human rights are innate in us from creation, by the image of the God who created us.

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Gen 1:27

So, when an American journalist is decapitated on camera by Islamic extremists – what we really see is an image of none other than God himself, which he reflects in all human life, being destroyed.

When a pregnant woman is stoned to death by her own family in Pakistan – We see yet another image of none other than God himself, which he reflects in all human life, being destroyed.

Which is why it feels so wrong. And this also helps us make really hard decisions too. When faced with incredibly difficult choices, like:

Is it right to terminate an unborn child in the womb?
Or prematurely end the life of a dying elderly man in pain?

We already know the right answer is no, because to do that is to destroy the image of God that he has placed on that human being.

Most of you reading this are not true atheists, or else no amount of suffering and injustice should matter to you at all.

But for you, when you see the next brutal killing in the news, and it turns your stomach, please don’t end there. Take the time to recognise the image that God has placed on you! – along with all of humanity, of every age, ability and status.

But for those really arrogant enough to push for a society where no one believes in God, my strong warning to you is this – Get prepared to live in a world where human life, and even your own life, holds absolutely no value at all.

What a haunting prospect that is.