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Sister Stories Podcast

June 26, 2021

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Members of Cornerstone launch a new podcast from our women’s ministry Sisters’ Act. This podcast brings you the stories of different women at Cornerstone Church Kingston, from their childhood and how they came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, to their experience of these strange times affected by the pandemic.

Through the telling of our individual experiences, the Sister Stories podcast is designed to help us marvel at the Lord’s sovereignty over our lives, help us to reflect on how the Lord has grown us and how he continues to make us more like Christ every day.

The podcast is hosted by Sophie, one of our Cornerstone members, who is joined by a new guest in each episode. She tells us what inspired her to create this podcast:

“I have always been deeply encouraged in hearing other people’s stories. They are so unique to each of us and to how God has chosen to reveal himself to us. One of the highlights of the year for me was always the testimony slot at Sisters’ Act. It is a great source of encouragement to see the Lord at work in each of our circumstances. It spurs me on to share the gospel with people around me as well, knowing that the Lord uses us to bring others to him. My prayer is that you will be encouraged by this podcast and that the Lord will continue to build his Church and build us up as we continue to walk with him.”

Each episode includes a 20-minute interview, in which the guest will tell their story and how they have found this past year. They are released twice a month and you can find them on this page of the Cornerstone website, on Apple podcasts and on Spotify.

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