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Reading the Bible: One to One

December 8, 2014

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Here’s a very helpful guide for reading the Bible one to one with a friend. All the material is sourced from the Streatham Central Church website.

We love to get people pairing up to read the Bible together one to one. No skill or formal training is required – just choose something short and manageable to read.

In terms of timing, aim for once a week, but be realistic and don’t let it become a burden or a chore. Before/after work can be a good time. Try and avoid using a whole evening / morning because you’ll find it hard to maintain that.

Here are some thoughts on what to read:

Colossians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, Titus, Psalm 119 (one stanza per session).

There are lots of ways you could do it, but the “Light-bulb, Question-mark, Arrow” template makes it very simple (instructions below):

Something that shines out at you as being significant

Something that’s hard to understand/accept

Something that applies personally to my life

  1. Pray & read the passage out loud
  2. Sit quietly for 5+ minutes filling in your boxes
  3. Spend most of the rest of the time discussing what you each had in your boxes.
  4. Be bold at helping each other apply God’s word into your real life situations.
  5. Leave a decent chunk of time to pray that God would really change you by his Spirit through his word.

Why not start and agree to no more than 6 sessions, that way there’s a clear and realistic end point? From there you can work out what’s best in terms of each reading with another or carrying on together.’