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‘Life before death’ Poem

March 17, 2020

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In every generation there’s an “end is nigh” event; famine, war or climate change,
disasters from a natural cause, or those that we invent.
And now the world is under threat the enemy unseen; spreading fear and bringing death… its name? COVID-19
Suddenly we face the fact that we aren’t in control.
No matter that we stockpile goods, the virus takes its toll.

Anger, fear, confusion reigns and all about suspicion, disharmony and racism; the great Corona schism.
We see the worst of people’s hearts, but also see the best. Selfishness and greed alongside care and neighbourliness.
There’s many who are grieving now and others sigh relief… but COVID-19 screams a truth that we are loathe to speak.
For when this virus passes and normality’s restored;
how easily we’ll forget the fear that rocked us to our core.

The truth is when Coronas’ gone, when we have made it through; our greatest enemy called Death, is still awaiting you.
Wars and famine, climate change; pandemics come and go…
but Death will meet us all one day
so there’s something you must know.

Death doesn’t have to be the end and we need not live in fear. the Bible tells us what to do, if we would only hear.
Jesus died that we might live and live eternally.
He died for every one of us, including you and me.
If we would simply trust in Him and take Him as our Lord; then fear and death would lose its grip,
true life would be restored.

But pride becomes a stumbling block because we’re our own boss.
But Jesus bore our sin and pride and nailed it to the cross.
Though we will breathe a last breath here,
if we believe in Christ… we’ll live again in glory, ‘cause He has paid the price.
And in this life if you are His, you need not fear the world.
Naught can steal away your peace, when your eternity’s assured.

By Rose Marmion
Rose is married to Steve and they have 3 children. Rose helps in various ministries within the church and enjoys writing poetry, when she has the time!