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Lay Down Your Crown

September 19, 2022

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A poem written about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II by Anne Woodcock.

Lay down your crown, Your Majesty,
Lay all your burdens down.
From this time forth, the rest for you is rest
From all your service, duty, toil and care.
Now all that’s beautiful and blessed
Is fully yours to wonder at and share.

Your body sleeps, and yet you live!
You wait in hope for resurrection day,
When you will rise with every other saint,
When every eye will see the King of kings
And every tongue will say:
“Worthy the Lamb, who once was slain
To take his throne,
And neverendingly to reign!”

Your body sleeps: I hope they dressed Your Majesty
In simple robes of pure, clean white,
That celebrate your new reality—
As God’s now-perfect child dwelling in eternal light.
I hope they laid between your hands
A copy of God’s precious Word,
As you now both enjoy and still await
The promises you heard
Speak from its pages, or a Book of Common Prayer,
Reflecting how your life was shaped
By all the truth that you found there.

Your body sleeps; your spirit lives.
Upon your casket they have laid a crown,
But you, Your Majesty, have laid yours down
With joy right at the feet of your eternal King,
Whose life you share, whose love surrounds,
Where light and grace and peace abound.
Those feet you kiss, those eyes you meet,
And nothing is more glorious or sweet
Than all his praise to sing.

Lay down your crown, Your Majesty,
Lay all your burdens down.
Receive the welcome that you share
With faithful servants everywhere.
Bask in his love and leave your crown
And let it lie before his throne.

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