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Isolation Poem

April 2, 2020

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We all have days when we would say
“I want to be alone”
To shut the door and draw the drapes,
Unplug the telephone.
Block out the world, switch off the stress
And savour peace and quiet.
We need those times of solitude,
to rest the mind and heart.

‘Cause in this modern age of ours
we’re at the beck and call,
Of friends, of work or family,
With no downtime at all.
We have a fear of missing out
And fear of joining in.
Bombardment constant day and night;
we can’t block out the din.

Yet..when we’re forced to isolate
By order, not design;
Technology’s a saving grace,
a literal lifeline.
But even then with calls and texts,
group chats, Skype or livestream;
It isn’t long before we see
the gaping gaps between.

‘Cause we’re made for relationship,
contact face to face.
Hand in hand and heart to heart,
that “facetime” can’t replace.
When we are forced to isolate,
Albeit for the good;
We’re living in a twilight world
Not thriving as we should.

Cut off from the outside world,
Devoid of human touch.
We may yet function, seeming live,
But thriving? Not so much.
We have a deeper well of need
Within the human heart.
A longing that no one, or thing
In this life, can impart.

God’s design for people was relationship with Him;
Through Jesus Christ His precious Son,
as Saviour and as King.
But we chose isolation when we turned away from Him;
Invested ourselves wholly
In relationship with sin.

And just as all our smartphones
can’t bring us joy or peace,
no amount of likes or shares
Give assurance that we seek.
Whether we’re alone at home,
Or lonely in a crowd.
There’s desperation in us all
That wants to scream out loud.

Cos when we’re disconnected
from loved ones, kith and kin;
There’s consequences on our health, our minds,
On everything.
And when we choose to separate
from Him who gave us life,
A gradual hardening of heart
Becomes a way of life.

A branch that’s severed from its roots
Has no hope to survive.
Cut off from that which gives it life,
it withers and it dies.
Jesus says that He’s the vine
And we can grow in Him.
As branches not from natural growth
But rather, grafted in.

God knows we can’t be happy
Unless we’re back with Him.
In full restored relationship
with Jesus as our King.
‘Cause then no matter what may pass
In this often scary world.
We’ll have a peace that cannot fade;
Our eternity secured.

By Rose Marmion
Rose is married to Steve and they have 3 children. Rose helps in various ministries within the church and enjoys writing poetry, when she has the time!