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Facing the Fast

February 3, 2014

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This week at Cornerstone we’re fasting. A whole week. Not from food, but from the media. We’re fasting together as a church from the kind of rubbish we get fed on a daily basis from the world without even realising we’re digesting it – television shows that constantly tell you to test the limits; adverts which urge you to indulge as a right; egocentric Facebook; movies which promise you ‘love wins’ if only you’ll look inside yourself…

That’s the sort of stuff we’re fasting from. But we’re also feasting. Every morning and every evening this week we are supping together around God’s Word. Breakfast and prayer to our Father. Dinner and the Bread of Life, the word that comes from the mouth of God. Jesus.

For those of you, though, who are still able to check out the blog, here are a few resources you might find useful to focus your minds on Christ, remind you of why we’re doing this and help you face the fast!

1. A brief and visual reminder to look for Christ in all the Scriptures

2. Get some theology into your head instead of the usual background music on the way to work

3. Whether you’re reading ‘Five English Reformers’ or not, Bradford’s original writings hold some real treasure

4. Have a listen to Piper’s introduction to the Psalms with Psalm 1 here

5. …Or check out the last 6 years worth of Cornerstone sermons on the Psalms!

6. And finally, here’s the Gospel Coalition’s 9 Things You Should Know About Social Media


By the Cornerstone Team