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Choose Life

September 25, 2014

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Choose a Uni. Choose a course. Choose an image. Choose dysfunctional housemates and dodgy washing machines. Choose alcohol, kebabs and soft drugs. Choose the nightclub.

Choose late nights, one night stands and hangovers and Alka Seltzer. Choose health foods and low cholesterol. Choose a plagiarised essay nicked from the internet. Choose STD’s and glandular fever.

Choose a career, partner and semi-detached house. Choose waking up at 45 still trying to convince yourself these were the best days of your life. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, nothing more than a forgotten statistic to the cynical undergraduates who replaced you.

Choose your future. Choose LIFE.


Choose a creation. Choose a planet. Choose a People. Choose them rebelling against your love. Choose a solution. Choose forgiveness. Choose a Son pure and blameless.

Choose him being rejected and betrayed by the kiss of a friend. Choose a trial in a Kangaroo court. Choose watching him being spat at, abused and flogged. Choose watching his body nailed to a wooden cross.

Choose to watch as he gives his last pained breath and the sky turns black. Choose raising him on the third day to offer life to the very people that murdered Him. Choose patiently waiting for the world to accept your solution. Choose a day to judge.

Choose your Future. CHOOSE JESUS