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Book Review: The Pleasures of God

March 28, 2013

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From Genesis to Revelation, the God of the Bible is seen as a ‘happy’ God. The Psalms declare that the Lord does all that He pleases; Isaiah promises that His delight is in us; and 1 Timothy tells us the Gospel is “the glory of the blessed God.”

But what does this mean? It’s easy to know that God is good, to trust that He is powerful, to recognize He is a God of love, but ‘the Happy God’ is not a description we would often consider using.

“The Pleasures of God” seeks to remedy this. Piper works methodically, unpacking the rich treasures of Scripture, to identify the source of God’s ultimate pleasure: Himself. Mixing beautifully simple illustrations with thorough Biblical scholarship, he proves both the truth and the value of this statement as the foundation of every Christian’s hope, security and joy.

Insightful and practical, “The Pleasures of God” encourages a depth and delight in the Christian walk based not on ourselves, but in Him, the Happy God.

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Laura Amatt