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Science Relies on Faith

September 24, 2013

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You’ve probably come across the claim – it’s hard to escape it these days – that science and faith are quite different things, and largely incompatible. Some go so far as to say that the breadth and depth of knowledge now provided by science makes all faith – of pretty much any kind whatsoever – quite irrational, and no longer really credible.

It wasn’t always so, of course. A brief survey through history confirms that many of the greatest names in science were also men (and women) of faith. Not only that, but today, there are scientists spread among the most respected research institutions globally who also hold to a sincere faith. For these people, there is no clash of views, no apparent or real contradiction. Are they right?

In this audio clip(1), Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University John Lennox explains that far from undermining faith, the methodology and logical basis for science is built upon it.

(1) Taken from ‘The Keswick Lecture’, 2008

By Daniel Normington