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Religion, violence and Jesus

October 14, 2013

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I have a question for you – can you name the top 5 causes of war and extreme violence? Your list will probably not be the same as mine, and you might have to ask a dozen or more friends to find one whose entries were identical. But I’d wager that not one in a hundred people would give an answer that didn’t include religion.

It takes mere seconds for me think of a handful of conflicts in my own lifetime where it’s been a factor, and some of the fiercest regional tensions in the world – the Balkans, the Middle East, India-Pakistan – are fuelled by faith-based disagreements. Indeed, for some serious thinkers in our day, religion and violence are so entwined that the only hope for a peaceful future is to banish religion altogether.

But clearly, not all religions are the same – and not everything done in the name of any particular religion is truly consistent with it. In this audio clip, Oxford Professor John Lennox, who grew up in Northern Ireland, invites us to consider what Jesus has to say about violence perpetrated in the name of God.

(1) Taken from ‘The Keswick Lecture – Gunning For God’, 2013


By The Cornerstone Team